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Philosophy: Minimality, simplicity and essentially.


Bringing back simplicity and beauty, focus should be on what matters most to you

NordPress is a platform that integrates information and knowledge.Helping you accumulate knowledge and fostering personal growth.

Your collections, your knowledge

NordPress becomes your the second brain, you can collect links to your specific collection and read anytime.

Your notes are really important

You create notes, take notes - base on links or standalone - your choice.

Reading, highlighting and noting

Reading the post and highlighting what you want to do, and take a note finally.

Sharing your knowledge and building your profile

Sharing the collections you built to your friends and following and followed from someone - let's make knowledge reuseable.

Searching links, collections, notes*

Forget your notes you read before? Use **fulltext-search** to find it, and read it again.

And more...

Tags, discover and filters - everything are helping you to organize you collected and noted knowledge.

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AstroWind template in depth

AstroWind template in depth

While easy to get started, Astrowind is quite complex internally. This page provides documentation on some of the more intricate parts.

What services do we provide?

NordPress is a platform that integrates information and knowledge. Helping you accumulate knowledge and fostering personal growth.

Saves links


Takes notes


Shares collections


Use cases

Discover how AstroWind's versatile template serves as the ideal solution for various use cases, providing tailored solutions to drive success.

Startup success stories:
Launching with AstroWind


Are you a startup with big dreams? AstroWind propels your success. Our template forges a seamless online presence, attracting investors and customers from day one. Astro 4.0 and Tailwind CSS ensure striking, responsive sites, leaving lasting impressions. Countless startups leverage AstroWind to kickstart their journey and resonate with audiences.


Allow startups to quickly create professional websites without investing extensive time and resources.
Make a memorable first impression with visually appealing design elements that highlight your startup's unique value proposition.
Ensures your website looks stunning and works well on all devices.
Engage potential investors and customers with engaging content, clear messaging, and intuitive navigation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Dive into the following questions to gain insights into the powerful features that AstroWind offers and how it can elevate your web development journey.

Why AstroWind?

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What do I need to start?

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How to install the Astro + Tailwind CSS template?

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What is something that you would like to try again?

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